What is Moana?

Not just another typical yacht rental service, we don’t cater for mass tourism, but rather provide bespoke services thereby offering an alternative to the usual Ibiza. Authenticity, simplicity and loyalty. Our values are clear, we believe in alternative tourism and offer you a unique and truly different Ibiza. We don’t just rent boats, we create authentic experiences.

Made to measure

We tailor our experiences to meet your needs. On top of our large fleet of boats and yachts, we have a wide range of extra services available to fit your every need allowing you to enjoy Ibiza as you see fit.

Plastic free

We care about the ecological impact of all our charters, which is why we keep our waste to a minimum by reducing our use of products containing plastic in favour of recycled and biodegradable materials.

Secret Ibiza

We will show you a different side of Ibiza, one that you won’t find in the guidebooks, secluded spots to relax, unwind and enjoy every moment. There’s much more to Ibiza than just partying, so let us take you to hidden places and beaches. Be prepared to fall in love with Ibiza.

Discover a more natural destination, the true and hidden Ibiza,
the one you don’t yet know.


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