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With the end of the summer season, a large number of boat owners decide to keep them until the new season. Some bet to tie their boat on a jetty, to have it available if needed and avoid deterioration. Others, on the other hand, opt to protect it on dry land (a suitable option for boats that contain fiberglass or iron material).

At this point and depending on the place where the boat will be parked during the coldest months of the year, it is time to perform a thorough maintenance of boats to ensure its optimal functioning and efficiency in the following season.

The functionality of the vehicle depends to a large extent on good maintenance. Winter is the perfect season to carry out certain actions, taking advantage of the lack of navigation and making sure that it will work correctly when we need it.

What elements to review during the winter?

If you are thinking of giving your boat a break and you want to leave it ready for the next season, from Moana Smart Charter we indicate some of the aspects that you must take into account when doing maintenance:

● Repair defects. It is common that some parts of the boat have been damaged with use. Taking an inventory of all of them is the best way to begin to fix them and leave them ready.

● Unplug electrical appliances. In addition, it is also recommended to disconnect the batteries and batteries to avoid the risk of short circuits.

● Empty the liquids. Especially in those areas where the temperature is lower, it is necessary to extract all fuels and possible liquids from the system. In this way, the possibility of freezing and subsequent obstruction of ducts is eliminated.

● Clean the interior and exterior. Eliminate possible food debris, marks produced by rain and saltpeter or ventilate the bedrooms (if any) are some of the tasks that can be performed to keep the boat in good hygiene and sanitary conditions.

● Check the status of the navigation and engine systems, as well as the level of battery charge. It is imperative that all systems are ready for the new season to guarantee safety.

Do not completely put aside your boat during the winter if you want to continue enjoying it in summer. We hope that this list is of your use and that in case you prefer to hire a professional company in boat maintenance to carry out these and many other actions, contact MOANA Smart Charter Ibiza.

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