Summer is one of the four seasons that after the prelude of spring we like more. It is time to make possible the holidays with which we have dreamed all year, time to leave worries, work and pressures aside and regain strength for the return to everyday life, then why not enjoy an Ibiza charter?

With the arrival of summer, the desire for the sun becomes irresistible, that’s when you ask yourself which is the most paradisiacal beach you can go to, and if you ask this question aloud before a group of friends, the Ibiza boat rental proposal will soon appear.

The island is located at a low latitude within the Mediterranean Sea. In its 210 kilometers of coastline you can find coves of the most varied. Your charter boats with crew will give you the best service and will help you to know some of the most famous coves: Cala Comte, Cala Portinatx, Cala Salada, Sa Caleta, Cala Xarraca and so many infinity, in which once you enter a world of peace and comfort takes over you. It would also happen if you opt for the option of having a crew for yachts. Its sunsets may be the best memory you can take, a real show within the reach of anyone who wants to take away a little of the essence of Ibiza.

With its fine sands, its healthy climate and its romantic coves we can easily imagine there with the simple fact that they mention the name of the island.

Each of them presents a different typology. From stone beaches, rocky beaches and the most usual, sand beaches, although with an essence especially of the island. Long sands, small coves, pebble beaches, all this you can discover for yourself if you decide to rent yachts in Ibiza and go deep into the crystalline waters, which harbor a magnificent natural world where you will see thousands of species and marine vegetation. The capital of the island is the smallest municipality and most of its beaches are urban.

calas and beach in ibiza

On the beach of Talamanca for example, for years the locals went to find that haven of peace before the hustle and bustle of mass tourism, but now with the construction of luxury villas around it is usually a point of reference to go to. Even so, it is worth knowing it because it has a marina and a maritime road that is worth a walk and contemplate the wonderful landscape.

If you are looking for a beach with less affluence, one of the ones you should visit is Caló de s’Illa, which is a small cove on the coast of Sant Miquel. Its length is only 30 meters located at the mouth of a small torrent, formed by rounded stones dragged by the current.

Its access is not so simple, but nothing that can not be achieved, especially for fishing enthusiasts and diving enthusiasts, because it has a small nearby reef, a true paradise awaits you under the sea.

We could write a complete book, maybe two or a hundred of them on the beaches of Ibiza, but the best thing is that you do not think about it and you know them. What they tell you is the words of others, the experiences you experience will be the feelings that will remain with you, sometimes mass tourism discredits the true essence of this Balearic island.

Javier Reverte said “The best of the trips is always the next”, but you never know if you are going to return, I would advise you to take advantage of it as if it were the last one.

Going as a simple tourist is not the way to enjoy it, do it with a personal plan and very yours in which only you, the people you choose and the extraordinary experiences that await you. Ibiza gives “good vibes”, contemplates the sunsets from the most spectacular places you can imagine, admires its landscape and if you have the opportunity, rent with Moana a yacht charter Ibiza where you can sail among its crystal clear waters, the experience will be unforgettable.