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Rent water scooter Yamaha FX SVHO in Ibiza

One of the options most demanded by travelers in Ibiza is the rental of a jet ski. The model of Yamaha FX SVHO in Ibiza is one of the most demanded for its great versatility and speed.

The large number of coves and the beauty of the landscape make the rental of a Yamaha watercraft in Ibizaworthwhile and the ideal place to fly it.

What you need to drive a jet ski in Ibiza

The water motorcycles are a type of boat that is handled in a way very similar to a conventional motorcycle and requires a special permit for rent and free driving.

  • Motorcycle license C: valid only during the day and in areas authorized for motorcycles with a maximum power of 55 HP.
  • Carnet de moto náutica B: for water motorcycles with power between 55CV and 110CV.
  • Motorcycle license A: for all those jet skis with power greater than 110CV.
  • PNB, PER and others: the boat pattern cards are valid also for the use of a watercraft.

Tips for driving a jet ski in Ibiza

  • Caution with the waves: going out with the jet ski when the sea is rough and when there are many waves increases the risk of accidents.
  • Follow the safety instructions: it is a very safe boat if you follow the advice given from the rental center. These are professionals who know the area very well and who can advise you on your routes.
  • Avoid beach areas where you can not move: something essential for the safety of bathers and allowing the driver of the motorcycle to accelerate with total freedom.

Yamaha FX Ibiza, rent a water scooter in Ibiza Santa Eulalia

Places where the use of a water scooter is allowed in Ibiza

– Es Vedrá: it is not possible to disembark on this islet since it is part of the island’s natural reserve. It is one of the most beautiful places to surround with a water scooter in Ibiza . There are numerous legends and stories about the magical character of the islet.

– Cala Jondal: it is one of the most common places to practice all kinds of water sports.

– Bay of San Antonio: it is one of the most visited ports of the Balearic archipelago since it includes a great fishing activity, recreational and commercial nautical.

– Margarita Islands: one of the most exploited attractions for watercraft tours. This corner has a natural beauty and a seabed of the most incredible.

– Talamanca: is the area closest to Ibiza where the use of jet skis is allowed. Of course, you must be especially careful because there are some areas of bathers.

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