Ibiza is much more than the island of the party. In addition to its popular nightlife throughout the world, it also stands out for its stunning sunsets by the sea. The fantastic beaches and coves of Ibiza fall in love with everyone who sees it with their own eyes, especially if you do it from a boat.

Boat rental in Ibiza is one of the activities most demanded by tourists. The freedom to move autonomously through the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the possibility of discovering corners that would otherwise not be possible, make the beaches and luxury boats in Ibiza the most attractive combination.

For those who prefer to enjoy the coves and beaches in Ibiza with tranquility and without excess of tourists, Moana offers them the possibility of enjoying the sea from a very exclusive perspective.

Cala Saladeta

A quiet cove, without mass and with an impressive beauty. It is quite hidden, so it is perfect to enjoy the nature that surrounds it.

Cala Portixol

Another of the quietest coves on the island. There are those who consider it the most beautiful in Ibiza. One of the details that characterize it are the old fishermen’s houses and it is highly recommended to practice scuba diving.

Cala Aubarca

It is a place located to the north of the island, far away and surrounded by a great diversity of flora creating a unique landscape image. It is ideal for anchoring due to its sandy bottoms and in it you can enjoy a quiet evening due to its little agglomeration.

Beaches and calas in Ibiza Spain

Punta Galera

It is very close to Cala Saladeta and, next to it, it forms one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island of Ibiza. Due to its difficult access by land, it maintains the private and little crowded character that few coves possess. So it is one of the nudist places in Ibiza par excellence.

Sa Pedrera from Cala d’Hort

A magical hidden place that evokes relaxation and disconnection. A natural pool that you can enjoy anchoring in its waters between 8 and 10 meters deep. A wonderful way to get into paradise.

Las Salinas

One of the largest beaches where you can anchor in crystal clear waters. It is one of the most popular destinations in the maritime excursions in Ibiza but it is undoubtedly a must-see place since they breathe the authentic Ibizan atmosphere.

These are the options that we recommend if you want to appreciate the beauty of the coves and beaches in Ibiza from your boat rental and spend most of the time on board the sailboat in a paradisiacal environment and at the same time safe.

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