For those impatient who are already thinking about the summer holidays of 2019 we have very good news. We started with the preseason of catamaran rental Ibiza.

We offer catamaran rentals in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza so you can get to the most magical and hidden places on the island of Ibiza. Start enjoying the marina Marina Santa Eulalia, 14 kilometers from the city, just enough to not be outside and enough to escape the tourist bustle of its main streets. From this port you can easily reach the coves of Cala d’en Serra and Freus, both in the Southeast, which as we said before, are areas away from the tourist agglomerations.

In addition, the port has a commercial area where you can find a wide range of restaurants, fashion, nautical equipment and services in general.

What are the advantages of renting a catamaran in Ibiza?

The catamaran hire in Ibiza is the most chosen option for those who are looking for a stable boat with multiple advantages when it comes to sailing compared to other similar boats, such as the monohull sailboat for example.

rental of catamaran in Ibiza

Maneuverability: The catamaran reserve in Ibiza improves the movement through the crystalline waters of the island. Its shape and lightness makes it one of the easiest boats to handle.

Comfortable: it is a large boat in relation to other boats. The habitable meters on the boat itself are above the average of any one which makes it a very attractive option for large families who like to enjoy their space in a bright and fresh environment.

Speed: the lightness of this boat leaves us a cruise speed, greater than the speed of a sailboat, so it is ideal to travel around the corners of the island without losing time in slow and expensive travel.

Anti-dizziness: it is not that they carry a device that prevents dizziness, but its structure makes the oscillation produced by the waves is pitching and not rocking. The swinging swing usually tends to make the crew sick and turn a nice boat ride into a physical torture, so the catamarans are ideal for those who are not used to sailing.

Independence: the structure of the catamaran is made up of two independent helmets that allow two families to sail together, but keeping the independence of their rooms connected through a room.

These are some of the advantages offered by the Ibiza catamaran rental, a stable boat with which you can enjoy your 2019 holiday in Ibiza.

In addition, being a very spacious boat, you can take all the necessary equipment to perform all the water activities you want, such as snorkel or paddle surfing. Take the fins, the tubes, the wetsuits, the boards, the oars and everything you need! With this type of boat you will not have the problems of space and storage typical of a pleasure boat, that’s why it is one of the most chosen options by large families that need their differentiated space.

In Moana, we specialize in boat rentals in Ibiza, in addition, we promote a healthy lifestyle, ecological and respectful with the environment. The catamaran and boat rental in Ibiza is a trend that many of you already know, so we recommend that you pre-book for the summer of 2019 and enjoy any of our boats. ¡Do not miss it!