The boat rental in Ibiza is one of the most common options to which the thousands of tourists who decide to visit the island resort. It is the best option to move around the different dream coves that border the coast or to lose a whole day between its waves and its transparent waters, savoring every moment that passes.

Obviously, there is a wide variety of offer in different types of boats so that each user can choose the one that best suits their needs or taste, that is part of the philosophy of the charter Ibiza and of course, of Moana, to be free and Do not depend on anything or anyone to enjoy the holidays.

Boat rental in Ibiza:

Catamarans: the option of renting a catamaran in Ibiza is the option most chosen by those who seek stability while lightness. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this boat is that its structure barely touches the water, which reduces the vibrations of the waves. The catamaran is the best option if you are looking for a boat for holidays in Ibiza.

Yachts: Yacht rental in Ibiza allows another concept of vacations and navigation possible. With the fleet of yachts for rent that are available, anyone can afford this luxury to complement their recreational activities at sea. Equipped with everything necessary for enjoyment, it will make it possible to visit the island at your own pace, without tourists, without stress. Only you, and your company.

Sailboats: Who has not thought about renting sailboats in Ibiza? It is one of the most classic boats, but complex. Sailing is an unparalleled experience, since you enter in complete harmony between the sea and the wind, making both communicate. Sailing boat hire involves including a skipper or, failing that, a passenger who knows how to sail.

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Boats: Less traditional than the sailboat, but more exciting than a catamaran. The benefit of renting motorboats in Ibiza is the thrill of visiting the beaches of the island from one end to the other in a moment. Feel like the sun hits you in the face and breathe true freedom.

Semi-rigid: They are a type of new boat that has been making its way among recreational boats. Its composition is inflatable rubber with a rigid keel. One of its main benefits is that, like the boats, can reach high speeds in addition to allowing greater maneuverability and safety than other boats. The hiring of semi-rigid boats in Ibiza can be done with skipper or without it, as well as the rest of the boats mentioned here.

In addition to boats, you can count on a variety of extra services that will complement your experience. The hiring of extras can be combined or not with the hiring of boats, as is the case of jet skis, which may include boat or not. A water bike is a fun way to enjoy the sea in solitude, where only you and the elements will be, elements that you must master to become a professional of jet skis. On the other hand, you can also add services to the hiring of boats such as catering service or different equipment for a variety of activities such as seabob or snorkeling. Yes, renting cheap boats in Ibiza is now possible and is within the reach of practically anyone who considers it. Dare to live an experience that will be part of your life forever, dare with the Moana Life Style.