As it is always better to have things clear, Moana Smart Charter formalizes all your rental operations with a lease Ibiza. This contract is composed of 13 clauses to protect the rights of both the lessee and the lessor. And for that reason, we will summarize the main issues that must be taken into account regarding the boat lease contract and the lease conditions in Ibiza.

  • Specification of the maximum number of people authorized to board.
  • Concrete definition of the time and place of the lease, as well as the specification of the navigation areas.
  • In the rental of boats with skipper, the report will be the first one to be heard at the time of returning the boat.
  • The reservation cost includes insurance and standard equipment.
  • The reservation cost does not include the costs of provisioning, VAT, fuel, meals and any other concept not specified.
  • Payments can only be made through the payment gateway on the website
  • The boat will be returned to the lessor in the same condition as it is delivered, clean and free of defects.
  • The delay in the withdrawal of the ship due to causes beyond the company’s control does not imply an extension of the lease term.
  • In case of strong weather conditions that prevent normal activity, the shipowner would do everything possible to change the day of departure.
  • The cancellation of the contract by the user implies a cost in relation to the time in advance. (Cancellation before 1 month: 25%, more than 7 days: 30%, less than 7: 100%).
  • Prohibited to carry out commercial or lucrative operations on board.
  • The tenant is obliged to follow the rules of the good navigator and respect the rules of the Navy Command.
  • The vessel has an insurance policy that includes liability insurance.
  • The subletting of the boat is completely forbidden.

Once the legal part is defined, it is only necessary to enjoy the boat rental. The following indications are included as part of the contract for boats in Ibiza and are designed for users to resort and enjoy the rental of boats in Ibiza.

terms and conditions the boat contract ibiza

  • The fresh water of the boat is not wasted (it is limited), nor is the water from the tanks used for consumption.
  • It is generously anchored and the anchored vessel is not left without a responsible person on board.
  • Depending on the type of boat rental contract that may be made, it may include food, drink, ice or snacks, it is best to contact the company’s staff and treat each case individually, since everything possible will be done to ensure that the experience is outstanding.
  • The clothing is very important, because to walk on the deck you need white-soled footwear and flip-flops for the port showers. Footwear black soles, as well as the street leave stains on the deck, it is advisable to use t-shirts to avoid hits on the fingers.
  • The order in a boat, sailboat or catamaran is a very important aspect both in the interior (where the personal effects must be ordered and the common spaces clean), as well as on the deck (sun creams, towels, clothes, etc.). Everything must be in place to avoid falls or injuries on board.
  • In the kitchen do not leave the fire unattended and always cook in high pots (the boat’s swinging could spill what is inside and cause burns or irreparable spots). It is important to notify the “cook” if a wave occurs by a water motorcycle passing by, for example.
  • Whenever you move around the deck, you must hold on to the guard rail for safety.
  • When you are going to enter a port with the deck as clear as possible to facilitate mooring maneuvers.

The Ibiza boat contract is more extensive than what we have just told you, but the indications are valid for any situation in which one has to deal with a boat, but above all, the most important thing besides living an experience unique and personal, is to care for the environment. Respect the sea and do not throw garbage overboard, it is vital for everyone to enjoy this paradise for many years and that you can return whenever you want.