Ibiza is an island that has a lot to offer those who want to discover it, and that’s what the islanders know. The boat rental in Ibiza is very popular especially in the summer, as it is one of the best experiences of the summer and one of the best ways to discover every corner of the island.

Moana is a company that is responsible for the rental of motorboats in Ibiza, and the rental of boats in Ibiza in general. We make available to the public boats for rent, boat rental in Ibiza and all the variety of boats you may need.

This is the case of Rinker Captiva, you can rent this boat in Ibiza from 550.00 euros a day. It has 8.23 meters of length and it can fit up to nine passengers plus the skipper. It is one of the best options to visit the corners of the island at your own pace and with the company of your family, creating stories to remember.

The boat rental in Ibiza is one of the best ways to spend the holidays and live the unique experience of being in complete harmony with the sea and nature.

Forget about long queues of tourists, passengers who shout and simply relax and have fun with your partner, your family or your friends in a boat for you alone. These are some of the benefits of a charter boat in Ibiza, do not wait for them to tell you.

alquiler de lanchas baratas Ibiza

If you’re looking for cheap boat rentals in Ibiza or boat hire in Ibiza for days, Moana is your solution. Beyond the rental of the boat, Moana offers you the possibility to live an experience that you can complement with the wide variety of activities that offer to enjoy the most of your boat trip.

In particular, the pattern is a very important figure in this aspect. Having a good employer at your disposal will bring you the experience of a person trained and knowledgeable about the place, as well as, depending on weather conditions, you can offer certain recommended places. The cycle of the tides is also known, and they can (if the tide allows it) access incredible sites that you would not reach with a tourist boat. In addition, if you have a skipper, you can leave the ship at anchor while you enjoy a refreshing dip in the water or while you go to the beach bar to have something cool.

Renting a boat in Ibiza will not only provide you with more autonomy to enjoy your day, but it will also give you more privacy, something highly valued on the island during the summer, and as well as not only offering a type of boat, you can choose between a wide range of possibilities the boat that best suits your needs and those of your family or friends.

Thus, the best complement for the unforgettable holidays of this year in Ibiza is, without doubt, a private boat ride or the boat that best suits your needs, accompanied by your people and an experienced skipper to enjoy it to the fullest , touring the best places, not only of Ibiza, but also of other nearby islands and taking full advantage of the wonderful experience of knowing the true Ibicencan life, that only a native can know and teach. Take the opportunity to discover the deepest Ibiza, a real Ibiza, wild and above all natural, away from the classic and crowded touristic and playful Ibiza that tour operators always sell all over the world.